Our Teachers

Laila Kirkpatrick (she/her)

'I began the practice of yoga in 2000, and the benefits were undeniable. Practicing the Iyengar Method and later the free-flowing style of Vinyasa, I was finally drawn to the meditative practice of Ashtanga Yoga which would become my daily practice and home.' Read more.

Sarah Croft (SHE/HER)

Sarah started yoga at an early age with her mum, practising on the living room floor. After trying different styles with different teachers, it wasn’t until moving to Perth from Melbourne that she discovered Ashtanga. Read more.

Jo Meredith (she/her)

"I started meditation in 2006 for stress relief. Yoga soon followed and I was amazed at how good it felt to listen in to my body. I practice yoga because it gives me balance, calm, mental flexibility and helps build emotional & physical resilience." Read more.

Irene Schneider (SHE/HER)

A designer, ceramicist, avid traveller, green thumb and beach lover - infusing yoga into her work as a designer. Encouraging mindfulness through Clay & Meditation. Read more.

Colette Corr (they/them)

Commencing her Hatha practice in Melbourne in the 2000s, Colette returned to yoga after moving to Perth, finding it transformational for body, mind & breath. Read more.

Josie Tanham

Josie has been practicing yoga for 30 years, teaching for over ten years and is a senior teacher with Yoga Australia. Read more.

Kylie Lee (she/her)

Kylie’s classes focus on flowing asana, breath awareness, pranayama, meditation, weaving of asana mythology and inner inquiry. Read more.

Karen Green (SHE/HER)

Karen specialises in stress and pain management, yoga post- trauma and yoga for the military and emergency services. Read more.

Gerard Forlee (HE/HIM)