Intro to Mysore

In this course you will be taught the beginning sequence of the Ashtanga sequence, so that you feel ready to join the Mysore Program. You will also learn the fundamentals of this transformative practice - the breath, bandha and drishti. Meeting 3 mornings a week for 2 weeks, will enable you to become familiar with the sequence and get comfortable with the idea of cultivating a regular (assisted) self-practice. This two-week Introduction takes place Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 6:00 am.  


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Mysore Program

A Mysore class is the traditional method of learning Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. The name comes from where the practice originated – a small city in South India.

You can expect to be carefully guided through the series step by step and at your own pace. A pace measured by the rhythm of your breath. By learning to practice on our own in this way, we cultivate a regular form of ritual to nourish and observe. Then each Friday we breathe and practice in unison, and share chai post practice (led + chai). 

The Mysore room is open daily for all levels to embrace being students together in a clear, safe and encouraging space. No prior knowledge is needed, and the sequence does not need to be memorised before you start. If you are curious about the tradition and considering taking up a regular practice, the Intro to Mysore Course is encouraged. This takes place in the Mysore Room and numbers are kept small to ensure everyone feels attended to.

The Mysore Program is run and taught by Laila Kirkpatrick, an Authorised Level 2 teacher. Laila regularly travels to Mysore to continue learning and receiving guidance from her teacher Sharath Jois.

The practice takes place every day except for Saturdays, Moon Days and the first 3 days of Menstruation. These days we take rest and honour our cycles; allowing the body to rejuvenate and our minds to practice non-attachment.