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Open House Yoga is an open-hearted space that honours our asana practice as a moving meditation that creates a strong, clear, connected body and mind. Our approach is mindful, inquisitive and holistic. We encourage the experience of yoga to be a complete system, both on and off the mat. 

Open House Yoga believes that all paths lead to the same destination. This is why you will find a Mysore program on the same schedule as a creatively sequenced Flow Class. We don't prescribe to only one method being the only way, but rather draw our inspiration from all the experiences from which our teachers have practiced and learnt. What unites these different classes? We base our teachings on the breath, movement and awareness. These principles are the foundation of all our classes. 

About Laila

'I began the practice of yoga in 2000, and the benefits were undeniable. Practicing the Iyengar Method and later the free-flowing style of Vinyasa, I was finally drawn to the meditative practice of Ashtanga Yoga which would become my daily practice and home.  

In 2009 I commenced my teaching journey, and in January 2011 I travelled to Mysore India, the home of Ashtanga Yoga for the first time. Little did I know, this would become the first of many yearly trips to study the method, chanting and Sanskrit. I have received Level 2 Authorisation, and have my teacher Sharath Jois' blessing to teach both Primary and Intermediate Series. 

I believe yoga is 24 hours; that our time on the mat is primarily a tool to live kind and compassionate lives. Humour and light-heartedness on the mat and in life are a necessity.'

Senior Teacher with Yoga Australia (member 2909)

Authorised Level 2 Ashtanga Teacher

A former Youth Worker, Laila has been mentoring yoga teacher trainees since 2012, and manages and mentors the Open House Yoga Teacher Training and Sadhaka Program.