Accessibility statement

We want our yoga classes to not only be body-neutral, but also inclusive, trauma-sensitive and welcoming for everyone.

Open House provides classes to explore the practice of yoga regardless of your size, age, gender, sex or race. We want our yoga classes to be not only body-neutral, but also inclusive, trauma-sensitive and welcoming for everyone. We will be the first to admit that we have a lot to learn when it comes to creating safer, braver spaces, but we are forever committed to the task. Always open and receptive to any suggestions, to make our community a place for all. 

Studio Accessibility

Our studio has wheelchair access, and a wheelchair accessible toilet. ACROD car parking is available on-site, and less than 10 metres away from the front door. Parking is free and both the train station (Midland line) and several bus paths are close by.

Support in Class

Service Animals are always welcome. The Companion Card admits carers to classes as complimentary guests. Deaf and hard of hearing students, can arrange Auslan Interpreters as complimentary guests.  

LGBTIQ+ Friendly

We are an ACON member and Registered 'Welcome Home' Space. Our Bathroom is non-gendered. We do our best to use non-binary language in our classes. 


Our teachers are diverse in age, cultural background, bodies and life experiences. We ensure diversity in our class offerings. We welcome diversity in our Sangha (yoga community). 

Financial Accessibility

We understand financial circumstances change. It's often at these times, we need time for ourselves the most. Please be in contact if you would like to come to an arrangement.

Possible Options: Alternative debit schedule (weekly or fortnightly instead of monthly)/ Deferred payment/ Discounted passes (temporary concession rates)/ Exchange of time or service at Open House Yoga.