Take Flight

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Often this is called Firefly Pose, but actually Titthibas are little birds that live along the coastline. Sometimes when practicing this pose I imagine my hands are talons ready to push off pre-flight, my legs extending like wings (I'm very imaginative πŸ˜‚!). I also love the story of the Tittibhas...

There once was a pair of Tittibhas living by the sea. It was time to lay eggs, so the female Tittibha suggests that they move to a different location, as the sea could carry away the eggs at any time. The male Tittibha refuses to budge, and assures the female that whatever happens, he can take care of it. The sea listens to this boastful talk and decides to teach the Tittibha a lesson by washing the eggs away. Hurled into action by his wife's wailing, the male Tittibha calls a meeting of his feathered relatives and decides to take the issue further with Garuda (Eagle), the king of all airborne beings. Garuda takes up their cause and approaches his master, the Lord Vishnu, who resides in the ocean. Lord Vishnu, always inclined toward his vehicle Garuda, threatens to burn up the sea. The sea returns the eggs to the shore. Thus, a determined little bird proved to be a match for the mighty ocean.

A story of taking flight, and trusting your wings.

Laila x

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