Conscious Breathing

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'Life is in the breath. He who half-breathes, half-lives.'

Do you practice conscious breathing? In yoga, the inhalation is described as creating rising energy which is referred to as Prana Vayu and is responsible for growth and renewal. The energetic movement of the inhalation flows upwards from the belly to the chest. Sometimes it can be handy to visualise a glass filling up with water. On the exhalation Apana Vayu is created, a downward flowing energy which is responsible for grounding and elimination. Now we imagine the glass being emptied. The opposing energies that we find in the breath of rise (prana) and fall (apana) can be found everywhere in nature - summer and winter; day and night, space and earth, movement and stillness. Ahhhhh, a beautiful cosmic receiving and releasing of energy.

Take a few moments in your day to feel your breath. To notice it. Breathing is miraculous x

📷 taken in Ooty, India. 2012... Because after a couple months of beautiful but dusty Mysore, sometimes you need to sit on a hill, breathe and take in the clean air.

Laila x 

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