Conscious Studio

Our minimalist warehouse studio, with it's 6 metre ceilings and air-purifying plants  is flooded with natural light. We wanted the studio to be as eco-friendly as possible, with as little waste possible. Whatever furniture and fittings you do see were salvaged, recycled and repurposed. 

Ahimsa, translates to ‘non-harm.’ Yoga is not simply on the mat for us, and we are dedicated to making conscious decisions that minimise harm to all sentient beings and the environment. This influences all our choices in the shala. 


The studio is equipped with infrared heaters which are set to 23 degrees, a comfortable practice temperature. It's a quiet and healthy heat, as it warms the body not the air. 


We are a body-positive space. We want you to focus less on what your body looks like in a posture, and more on how it feels. 


Grown with love. Feel free to pick our herbs, greens and edible flowers from the Sangha garden beds.  


A well-loved collection of books to help you continue on your yoga journey.  


We are chemical free, so we only use natural cleaning products in the shala. The glass containers are always refilled to minimise waste. Plant and mineral based ingredients with 100% pure essential oils and vegan (tested on humans only!)


As we are single-use/ plastic free, we do not sell bottles of water. However, we do offer water/cups and you are welcome to fill your own reusable bottles.


Made by Divine Goddess, a completely Plastic Free company in Byron Bay. Both are made from 100% cotton and ethically made.


Our Blocks are 100% all-natural cork from the bark of a Cork Oak Tree.  Cork is a completely Eco-friendly item, renewable and sustainable. Made with non-toxic chemicals. 


We stock Mukti, which meet SGS certification. Made from non-Amazon harvested natural tree rubber, jute and cotton fibres. The dye used is mineral based, kind to the environment and completely free from toxins, pesticides, and chemicals. 100% biodegradable, no toxic softening process, no foaming agents, no PVC and plasticisers. Mukti Mats are manufactured under ethical workplace standards – completely sweatshop free. They are proud to support the Himalayan Tailoring Centre in North India who employ and train over 70 staff, many of whom are refugees. An Australian business, they plant a tree with every mat sold. Ethical even when packaging, using paper and cardboard opposed to plastics.