Worplace Wellness

Providing yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices in the workplace is wonderful way to promote health, productivity, team cohesion and encourage a work life balance for employees.  Yoga sessions are tailored to meet the needs and objectives of the group and are a great offering to any corporate space or conference. Our yoga programs are a wonderful incentive for employees, as well as being a great way to recruit new talent. Offering yoga sessions in your business is a proactive step towards a healthy, happy and safe work environment.

We have 3 options; 

Yoga in the office - Yoga and Mindfulness classes at your location on a regular basis. Classes can be from 30-60 minutes, active, slow, modified, to fit what your needs are.

Studio Retreat - Bring your staff to our studio for 2 hours of yoga and mindfulness practices. Yoga mats and props included. This is the perfect team building relaxing day your staff needs.

Self-care Seminar - A one-time seminar and discussion on how to incorporate self-care into the workday. Each employee will get a takeaway packet with tips to bring to their desks.

Want to learn more about our one-off sessions, courses, programs and workplace retreats? Contact us at hello@openhouse-yoga.com